Citizens Telephone Corporation has been connecting Warren, Indiana for more than 100 years.

Citizens Telephone Corporation offers a complete line of state of the art communications products to our customers. If you have any questions on these services please contact the business office at (260)-375-2111.


What is “FTTH”?  Your Connection to the World!

Fiber to the home is commonly known as FTTH. Citizens Telephone is continually working towards getting fiber optic to many of our customers. Our project within the Town of Warren and two miles surrounding, has been completed. We are currently working on deploying FTTH within Liberty Center and customers within a 2-3 mile radius surrounding. To date, we have completed several hundreds of miles of fiber, and with our new deployment in Liberty Center this number will substantially increase. It is our commitment to keep Citizens Telephone customers “CONNECTED TO THE WORLD.”

The Benefits of Fiber Optic

When FTTH is installed, your internet bandwidth will increase, which in turn means faster internet speed and more reliable service. Also with FTTH, we can offer higher speeds – as high as 1G! Here are the top 5 benefits of FTTH:

  1. Security – Fiber is the most secure network. A fiber connection is made out of glass, and the only way to penetrate the system is to break it, which would cause the system to go down. That in turn would alert you that you have been hacked.
  2. Speed – Fiber internet runs at the speed of light. The fastest transport which allows for quick and instant data retrieval.
  3. High Bandwidth – Fiber allows for longer transmission distances and higher signal rates. The increased bandwidth also allows people to download files much faster and more efficiently.
  4. Private Connection – With fiber, no other customer can run off the same line, which means a private & secure connection.
  5. No Electromagnetic Interference – If/when the fiber optic cable needs to be run in close proximity to electrical machinery, the fiber connection allows the control signals to be carried without error or interference. This makes fiber a number one choice for factory and machinery companies.

As you can see, fiber optic technology has made it easier for people to “CONNECT TO THE WORLD!”


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Gigabit Internet is Here! 

Speeds of 1G (1,000Mbps) now available to limited business applications.  Call our office at 260-375-2111 for information.

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